Zencher’s Form-Filling Solution with Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111)

Take a look at our partner – Zencher’s iOS solution with Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111)

Solution overview:

  • Physical form-filling process on Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111) and data sync to a iOS patform. 
  • The pen input can be seen instantly on the softcopy form while writing on the physical form. 
  • The softcopy of the form can be saved as PDF and attach to an email to be sent out after form-filling. 
  • The stroke of the signature can be captured and playback. 

The integration is made possible with Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111) software development kit (SDK). To request for more information or a copy of the SDK, contact us here

More about Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111)

If you need to convert data into digital AND paper is still required as part of the workflow, Wacom Clipboard (PHU-111) is just what you need! Take a look at the product video for the key features and specifications. Should you need more information, contact us and we will be glad to assist you. 

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