Wacom SDK Quarterly Release 2018/01


Quarterly updates for our business solutions SDKs are now available:

Release 2.13.5 

  • Updated installed DemoButtons sample for STU-540 
  • Added root certificate for STU-541 certificate exchange validation
  • Added mutex locking to Tablet class in case of multi-threaded calls

Release v1.3.0 

  • Updated with STU SDK 2.13.5

Signature SDK*
Release v3.19.2  

  •  Fix for STU-540 in Wizard Control
  •  revised directories for installation.
  •  Now uses CommonFiles\WacomGSS
  •  can affect existing installations e.g. Java paths
  •  improvements to wizard control stability
  •  added support for JWT licenses

*Note: Signature SDK released is an evaluation copy. A license key is required to remove the “evaluation” watermark shown. 

Signature SDK SigCaptX
Release v1.17.0  

  •  Updated to Signature SDK v3.19.2

Signature SDK – Android

  • No change

Signature SDK – iOS
Release 1.0.17 

  • Improves recognition of previously paired pen
  • Fixes bugs:
    – Pressure sensitive rendering is disabled when using device manager
    – Bitcode support has been disabled

STU Display

  • Added support for STU-540

For more information or to request for the latest SDK version, drop your request here.  

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