Latest Citrix Ready – DTH-1152 Interactive Pen Display

The Wacom DTH-1152 provides both pen and touch input in a compact pen display for convenience in reviewing, annotating and applying eSignatures to digital documents.

Wacom DTH-1152

The Wacom DTH-1152 is the ideal tool for enhanced visual interactive communication with direct on-screen pen input. The DTH-1152 complements all eDocument workflows in industries such as banking and finance, hospitality, insurance, healthcare, and retail/POS. With its HDMI video interface, the DTH-1152 can be integrated seamlessly into VDI/RDS and Linux systems. The addition of multi-touch allows for intuitive navigation and time-saving actions such as scrolling and zooming. To know more of DTH-1152, visit its product page

This product is compatible with:

  • XenApp 7.13
  • XenApp 7.14
  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.1
  • XenDesktop 7.11
  • XenDesktop 7.12
  • XenDesktop 7.13
  • XenDesktop 7.14
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.6
  • XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.7
  • XenDesktop 7.8
  • XenDesktop 7.9

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